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Best things to do in Krabi, Thailand

Tiger Cave Temple

Climbing the steps to the top of the Tiger Cave Temple was my favorite thing we did in Krabi! It was a great way to end a week of island hopping! Despite the name, there are no tigers here, just wild monkeys! I would recommend going about two or three hours before you climb up to catch the sunset at the top. The weather also starts to cool down AND you beat the crowds!

This monk came up to Colin and I and gestured us to take a picture with him! I was stoked, as you can see by the huge grin on my face! I think he was happy to see some tourists respecting the dress code.

This is the beginning of the climb up to the temple! Monkeys like to hang here so watch your belongings! They didn't bother us!

YES, the stairs are actually this steep and there is over 1200 of them! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring some bottled water!

A little more than half way up!

Crazy to see how far up we came from the beginning of the temple below.

As you have probably noticed once we arrived at the top it was the customary no shoes allowed.

Truly Breathtaking.

This is a must see if you are in Krabi. It turned out to be even better than we imagined, It took us around 45 minutes to reach the top, and we stayed and enjoyed an amazing sunset, the view from the top was stunning!

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