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Valentine's Day gift guide for Her

So this post is different from any post I have done before because this post is for the men! If you are stressin' on what to get your love this Valentines day I have posted below a few items I currently have and love and a few items on my wish list! You won't go wrong with any of the items I listed! I found a few of these nice products on sale too! So gentlemen just click the picture and it will take you straight to the item where you can buy it! So you guys have no excuse to be last minute shopping! (You know who you At the bottom of the page I listed what these products are and why I love them!

The Carven perfume is a new favorite of mine! I found this scent on my recent trip to Paris and absolutely love it! My husband gave me the Venus de Fleur flowers for our six month anniversary of being married and they smell so incredibly good and they don't die for over a year! So you won't have to buy her flowers for a year! But that doesn't mean you shouldn't ;) My husband also got me the adidas camo sweatshirt for Christmas and it is super cute on. If she is on the tall side like me its going to be cropped on her, It comes to my waist line and I think it look super cute that way! Also listed above is the gucci belt! I love my gucci belt because I feel like I can throw on a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt and add the belt and look completely pulled together! The purple wand that your probably wondering what the eff is that thing?! Well it is basically a facial wand, so she can feel pampered at home not just at the spa....Just add the sheet masks, bath salts, and candle and she will be set! Xoxo -Kristyn

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